How Robots Work

How Robots Work

Artificial Intelligence

We all know robots can be used on the assembly line, but it can ever be intelligent as humans? It is controversial and one of the hottest topics around the world along with AI. AI stands for the artificial intelligence.

Now let us focus on the AI, one the quite interesting field of robotics. AI might be defined as a recreation of the human thought process – a man-made gadget with our cerebral potential.

This would comprise the potential to grasp about anything, the potential to find purpose, the potential to use vocabulary and the potential to compose original ideas.

Roboticists are assuming that in next 6-8 years they are capable of achieving the level of artificial intelligence.

How Robots Work
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How Robots Work

Computers are also a problem-solving device but within the limits. The concept behind the AI is straightforward, while its implementation is tangled. With the help of sensors, AI robots collect all the data about the situation. Then, computers distinguish between the stored data with this data and decide what the data indicates. The computer performs the various function on the basis of which, it collects information. In fact, computers can perform only those functions for which they are programmed. Chess computers are one example of this.

With the help of modern technology and concept, some robots have the potential to learn but in a limited capacity. In this way, robots are trained to achieve a certain result. Robots pile up the data and strive the victorious action, whenever they encounter the situation. But unlike a human, they can’t remember any sort of information or data.

Modern Day Robots

In Japan, Roboticists programmed a robot to dance by indicating the moves themselves.

A robot name Kismet, at M.I.T’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, can acknowledge the voice inflection and language of the human body. Kismet’s inventor, believe that this low-level interaction can be the substructure of a human-like learning system. But, they cannot decide the extreme level of consciousness.

How Robots Work
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Consciousness is an example of natural intelligence and for Roboticists, it is a really hard to understand how it works. It is not like creating an artificial heart, it is about creating understanding and inner feelings inside the robot. Due to the electrical connection of neurons contains by the brain helps us to think and learn. But the fact is that we don’t even recognize all of these connections add up to higher reasoning.

As a result of which, AI is less practical and largely theoretical. But, according to experts Cyborgs will be the ultimate result of robotic evolution – humans united with appliances.

As in the 1980s when computer spread to the home and changed the way of our living, robots will also do the same in the future.



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  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in field of collection of intelligence using computer infrastructure. Whereas the AI terminology is also used in field of mechanical engineering as well as other engineerings too. I think increase of AI would be a devestat human’s future side by side. So, before promoting AI, society should discuss the issue massively. Thanks

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